About Zoomy

Zoomy Computers originated in Whistler in 1994.  Starting from a basement bachelor pad that I shared with a cat, I started my career by teaching adult night courses at the brand new Myrtle Philips School.  The hot new thing back then was Microsoft Office, and I was an expert at Word and Excel.  I found myself in front of a group of very dynamic and young/young-minded business owners, who were all eager to master the art of the spreadsheet.  It was invaluable experience for me, and it put me right in the heart of Whistler’s business community.

I began experimenting with building and selling computers, and opened a wholesale account with computer supplier in Richmond.  Very soon, I had several suppliers.  I moved my office out of my bedroom and shared an office space with a friend, who was known in those days as the phone lady.  She also had a side-business making and selling fleece hats and garments.  We were an odd pair to share an office, but we had loads of fun, and Zoomy kept growing.

Within 2 years, I had opened a retail location with a full service department, I had by this time two employees, one guy to stay and fix the carry ins, and one to go out and do on-site servicing.  It was a wild ride for 8 years, but the nature of the game changed, computers sales were increasingly going to the big box stores, there was no profit left in hardware.  So Zoomy Computers closed its retail doors in 2003

In the post-retail days, I discovered there was still a very strong demand for one-on-one computer assistance, with homes and with businesses.  Zoomy Computers was re-invented as a one-man, service only business.  And that is true today, right here in Oceanside.